L'issue jeu d'évasion

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Drummondville (Quebec)
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L'issue jeu d'évasion

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It's an incomparable immersive game in which you have to find the exit of a room where you are stuck. How? As a team, you search the room, look for clues, decode codes and solve puzzles. But beware of the passage of time, as the countdown has begun as soon as you enter the room! Will you be able to find The Issue on time?
Your entry into the room triggers the countdown. Depending on the scenario, you have 60 minutes to complete your goals and take the run.

No special knowledge is necessary. Your physical strength is not for nothing either. Your sense of observation, your logic, and your ability to deduce are the keys that lead you to the exit.

Unique in the Centre-du-Québec, L'Issue offers two different scenarios, but three other themes will be added throughout the year for the enjoyment of the whole family. Thought by human behavior experts and scripted by a horror writer, the scenarios encourage teamwork and inspire players to be ingenuous in achieving their goals.

The L'Issue scenarios bring friends together, tighten families and strengthen bonds between coworkers. Come test a game whose The Outcome depends on you!

Wednesday : 16 pm to 21 pm
Thursday to Sunday : 10 am to 9 pm

$ 25 / person
5-10 years: $ 15 / person
** 11-13 years: $ 20 / person
55 years old +: $ 20 / person (Identification documents)
Student: $ 20 (with cards)


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